Guidelines for Building Your ID Model Summary Page

Utilizing the readings, additional resource links at the bottom of this assignment and your own research
  1. summarize the main components of the model (you can choose how you wish to present the summary - it doesn't have to be text) - 25 points
  2. describe which of the learning theories provides the basis for the model (i.e. behaviorism, cognitivism constructivism or connectivism) - 25 points
  3. evaluate the model's usefulness or adaptability in designing e-instruction - 25 points
  4. post your results to the wiki on your specific Instructional Design Model page - 25 points
Please include your names, cite your sources and add any additional links you came across that you think would be of interest to others for exploring the model in more depth.

Feel free to use the Discussion tab attached to your Models page to work on this project. If you would prefer to use the Discussion board in our Blackboard course you are free to start a separate topic in the Week 2 area. Just put your names in the topic line. I can also create a private discussion space for you in the Blackboard course as well, just let me know if you'd like this.

Helpful resources:
Instructional Design Models - EduTech Wiki
Learning Theories - Knowledge Base and Webliography
Survey of Instructional Development Models, 4th Ed.